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Dropped kerbs allow you to legally drive across your pavement and park in the driveway. It’s not a matter of ‘if you want’ – dropped kerbs are legal requirements in UK regions like Swansea and Cardiff. The installation of dropped kerbs can be a good investment because they add significant improvements to how you access your property. But most importantly, dropped kerbs improve safety and will also place a lid on random people who may want to park their vehicles haphazardly in front of your driveway.

The good news is that home-owners, car-owners, as well as local government councils, can get their dropped kerbs built by experienced dropped kerbs contractors in Swansea. We work hand-in-hand with clients to install amazing dropped kerbs that comply with local regulations.


We are a team of qualified professionals who have many years of experience in constructing dropped kerbs for individuals and organizations around Swansea and its environs. Our investments in high-end materials have established us as the number-one go-to dropped kerbs provider in town. Lowering costs while guaranteeing sustainability is part of our core values. And we stop at nothing to get your dropped kerbs projects implemented to your satisfaction.

It’s always customers first before any other thing. Get in touch with our well-trained staff, and we will impress you with our different kinds of services. If you want to experience how it feels like to work with us, check out our numerous positive reviews.


When you call on dropped kerbs services in Swansea, we personally visit your property to inspect and take the necessary measurements. This survey is done to help us understand your needs better, including your proximity to main roads, public utilities in your zone, and how best we can factor these metrics into our plan. 

This survey also forms part of the next step in our process which is obtaining planning permission from your local authority for drive improvements. Our survey is also a requirement for the planning application. After receiving the application, your local authority will carry out their own site survey and subsequently send us a construction specification. A license will be issued after we sign the declaration and we will have a six month period to begin the installation. After work begins, we will have a five day period to complete the work.

The results of our careful planning and execution processes shows that we can deliver excellent dropped kerbs that grant you a safe passageway on your journey from your garage to the road.


Every good client deserves a certified contractor. Keeping this in mind, we make sure our workers’ qualifications are in line with the StreetWorks register. Using advanced planning techniques, we build dropped kerbs that stand the test of time but guarantee a comfortable drive. Our strong sense of commitment and dedication to duty have earned us the enviable reputation we enjoy in the market. 

Our dropped kerbs services means that you can now arrange to install the best kerb for your driveway. Step out of your property, and experience the easy entry and exit made possible by our dropped kerbs company in Swansea. We are happy to restore existing dropped kerbs or construct new ones. We can also help advise you to obtain planning permission from your local council to start the project.