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Resurfacing your footways, either around your property of commercial space is incredibly important. Not only does it add roadside value but it creates a safer and more attractive looking outdoor space. When using footways surfacing Swansea contractors like us, you can ensure that your path and driveways look impeccable.


Our company offers immaculate footway surfacing and professional services that create a durable and protected walking space. With our experienced footway surfacing Swansea specialists, you can be sure that your needs will be met in a professional and timely manner. With our reputable team you can ensure that your installation of new footways is both quick and cost-effective. Not only is it a preferred option due to its durability and longevity but it also remains a very even and smooth surface. Tarmacadam surfaces are also distinguished by their slip resistance, assisting with less accumulation of snow and ice because of its porous composition; which means that it is a perfect choice for more extreme weather choices.

Our dedicated team appreciates that time is valuable and we work efficiently to ensure that your timeframes are met. Tarmacadam dries quickly, which means that there should be minimal disruption to your footways and paths. The maintenance is also much less and any major issues connected to tarmacadam damage can be easily detected and resealed. Our tarmacadam is created by crushed stone or aggregate and is coated and mixed with tar. When maintained well, tarmacadam can last upto 20 years which is a valuable investment for any customer. It may only require light cleaning to ensure that there are no cracks or damages arising.


  • it generally can be laid quickly and relatively easily, and once the surface is completed it can be used soon after
  •  the finish is even and the appearance is clean, neat and tidy  
  • the even and joint-free nature of the surface significantly reduces any risks of tripping
  • extremely durable and hard wearing, requires minimal maintenace, and can be uised in all weather conditions
  • if maintenance or repair work is needed to be carried out on any underlying cables or pipework the surface can be reinstated quickly and easily. 
  • comes in a wide range of textures and colours to mix in visually with the surrounding environment and landscape.


 We aim to give all our customers a seamless experience when choosing to resurface their footways. Our dedicated team work to assist you with the design process, and planning as well as ensuring that all needs have been met following completion

We pride ourselves on excellent customer satisfaction and settle for nothing less and with an impeccable track record, we are a reputable company in Swansea that is dedicated to creating safer, functional and safe outdoor spaces. For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us today.